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Stay Organized

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with so many different tasks in your life?

Organize your life effectively with SlickTasks, the world’s most powerful task manager.

Why SlickTasks?

SlickTasks is a powerful task management/organization app. You will gain amazing productivity using SlickTasks's world class task management features.


In SlickTasks, your list is not just a flat list of to-do items, but an outline that you can organize. Think your list like a mindmap where items are organized into branches and sub-branches, which is great for organizing your brain.

Features at a glance

See the big picture by organizing your to-dos into a hierarchical structure of tasks and subtasks.
Manage life's complexity by putting related tasks into meaningful projects.
Smart Lists
Be focused, stay on top of your tasks by viewing them in perspectives.
Intelligent Due Date
Write due date quickly in normal English language, for example "today at 3pm".
Never forget anything again, get notified by email, in-app/system notifications.
Add more context to your to-dos, and quickly view all tagged items from a single location.
Recurring Tasks
Easily manage tasks that you need to complete daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.
Add details to your tasks. The more detailed, the better.
Quickly find tasks with powerful search: text in name, note, tags, or date range.